"The day that changed me, my life, and my family…… Forever.

Like waves of an ocean, emotions, abuses, relationships, changes, and transitions would come and go causing sands to shift, my footing to shake. Through my faith in a forever loving Lord, I have been able to keep my foundation……. Firm."

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Accusations bring Determination

"I have had quite a few years in my journey of faith, and I use that term specifically, because faith is not religion. The more freedom I have found in my life, the closer I am to understanding what faith is meant to look like. I have found that an adverse effect of finding freedom is that it can offend and frighten those who choose to live with the need to control, much like the religious did in ancient days.

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A Quest for Rest

"Over the course of my life and in my younger days, I began to notice cycles and patterns beginning to surface after I married.  There was unidentified pain I felt and I did not know why. I was told the first year of marriage can be challenging, so I chalked it up to that. However, issues and emotions I struggled with had roots that went deep down.....

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Possess Your Pain

"I remember many years ago I returned home from the hospital, after suffering a horrendous loss.  In the 5th month of an unplanned pregnancy of our 5th child, I suffered a miscarriage. After delivering this tiny, perfect human, my blood pressure drastically dropped and frankly, I was close to death from internal bleeding. It seems incomprehensible  to me.......

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Power at Rest

"Over the course of time and my spiritual growth, I have come to associate "life" along with the aspect of motion. Being in motion, not simply busyness or activity but in movement, makes me feel alive. I believe there is an element of "faith in action" in which I AM admonished to back up and activate my beliefs with deeds, not in the works or religious mentality, but with vigor.

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