Accept the Unacceptable

Coming to terms with things that happen in life is probably one of the toughest transitions I have had to continually make. Perhaps because most time,  it means my desires are not considered; my will in matters is mute.

Whether it be in loss, loves, relationships, and any type of connections, I feel vulnerability is an ever evolving life process for me ....... and possibly you. To be vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, but one of strength. It is one I choose........ It is one of intention. It is one of power. It is one of purpose. 

Being vulnerable may hold a negative connotation for some; however, for me, it remains a sign of the humility of the heart, condition of my soul,  an openness in spirit, and represents a willingness to serve others. There will always be contrary opinions and gossip grabbers, but I have found only the truth seekers, not the "repeaters", really count. 

To accept the unacceptable is a most difficult thing........ and therefore, my eyes must be lifted higher to see beyond the visible, and into the invisible realm. It is the only way to make sense of everything the enemy of my soul has thrown at me .......... and "stolen" from me. Don't you ever just wonder why? What if you had the option to know....... 

Living this lifestyle, of course, is a conscious choice that arose from loss; loss through deaths, and losses in life of those I have loved, relationships I have nurtured for forever. Anyone experiencing a "fractured" family, frustrated relationships, and missed opportunities can be driven to bow the knee, in desperation for a supernatural intervention.

In the meantime, I must come to grips with the things I cannot change, rumors that are rolling on, and misinformation that abounds. I learn to live again, in a new way, grateful for another chance to find my purpose and fulfill a destiny. Thus the power of redemption and resurrection. 

I will say again, never give up. Restoration day is on the way. 




to endure without protest or reaction; to receive something willingly.