Dedicated to the young, in whose spirit the search for truth marches on.

I am like you, a regular person whose life is not exactly how I imagined it would be when I was young. In spite of facing tragic loss in my life, I have found the will to live and a hope that is enduring. Through adversity and diversity in my life, I have remained committed to my family, faith and friends.

My husband of almost 25 years was taken from me and our four kids, suddenly and in a such a way that saying goodbye was not an option. He was gone in the Fall of 2011 but it seems like yesterday. In a matter of a few hours, life as I knew it completely changed, just as everything else about me as a person.   

Me and my kids in Hermosa Beach :)

Me and my kids in Hermosa Beach :)

My children and I have chosen to open our lives up to share, in hopes we can help others feel, grieve, grow, and find your future. I am currently committed to writing regular posts in my blog and spread through social media, growing personally, and inspiring others move on. We've done some incredible things in a short amount of time, with great expectations for the future. 

I have discovered a resource that will not run dry; a depth of strength I thought was depleted. I will share with you from the vast resources that have been bestowed upon me, and hopefully inspire a generation to never give up.

With Love,