Accusations bring Determination

I have had quite a few years in my journey of faith, and I use that term specifically, because faith is not religion. The more freedom I have found in my life, the closer I am to understanding what faith is meant to look like. I have found that an adverse effect of finding freedom is that it can offend and frighten those who choose to live with the need to control, much like the religious did in ancient days.

I liken it to when you have a significant change, loss or gain in life; often those closest do not know how to handle the "change." In spite of your best attempts, you are misunderstood and it can become a cross to bear, feeling as if you're being "crucified" or condemned for seeking to better yourself. 

To operate in a religious spirit does not simply mean one is a zealot or known as a "radical"; this thing, however, often undermines those with pure intentions and good motives, calling me/you to look "crazy." It hides in the shadows of "sanity", with the need to sell itself, wanting me to "buy into" a message that binds rather than releases.  #debt  #indebted

"If you love something or someone, set it free."  

The only way I can release the one(s) I love is because of faith. The knowing. The relationship. The confidence. "Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1; Real faith has substance; it is made of something deep and significant; freeing and fulfilling.  

This spirit often categorizes and labels so as to detract from its own darkness; we see this thread woven throughout the scriptures in the Bible. Jesus, the very Son of God, was labeled as the devil himself, seeking to detract from his message and deter his ministry. The accusations came from small minded, insecure men who deemed themselves better than this miracle working man of a divine nature. Imagine the arrogance, but it happens everyday, even in our society......... 

Their accusations only served to encourage his determination, as it can yours and mine. 

Several amazing people spoken of in their stories in the Bible have been misunderstood, marked, labeled, and condemned. Crowds even gathered to watch and participate, persecute or crucify, often based on hearsay rather than what they themselves saw or knew. We can even see this thread sown into the fabric of our religious and political system in modern day....... creating fractures and divisions.

Because some could not understand the divine workings of Jesus, they labeled him with a scary name; perhaps it was to get attention or to instill fear in the crowds. Whatever the reasons, too numerous to name, we see how Jesus conducted himself and for those walking in freedom, He is our example. Their insecurity only revealed the threat they felt He was. Therein lies our power.

I feel at this time in our societal history, we are going to see the face of the church, religion, and faith, changing. What we have become accustomed to will no longer be relevant. it is about time! We are undergoing a true transformation for a new Reformation. I encourage you to allow, cooperate, and give careful attention to this divine work in your life. 

Faith is about a tight knit relationship with the Father in heaven. Humans will abandon you; I know this first hand. People attack what they do not understand. Feelings are fickle. Faith is a foundation for everything strong. Join me in this work of restoration and reformation.