Trust: Difficult to establish, yet so easily undone by a word, phrase, or action that plants a seed of doubt, or several. One seed, when watered and lit, will grow; Before you know it, roots establish themselves in truth or a lie, and spread........ and only a "firm grasp on reality or the divine" can pull out what has been planted. 

I have felt its sting firsthand, as well as watch its effect in our culture, witnessing enough half truths and all out lies to erode the soil of a nation. It is disturbing and diabolical; however, there is the divine book that gives insight and foresight into the motive of the enemy of the soul of humanities, communities, and nationalities. It is expected, but unacceptable. 

Even the tightest knit families, communities, relationships, and relatives are rocked when trust comes into question. Since the beginning of time in a beautiful Garden described in the book of Genesis of the Bible, whispering a few simple words made creation question Almighty God's intentions. The first man and woman on the earth had a very close connection and communication with the Divine; however, it was so quickly undone by evil intent.........

The amazing unity known in the Garden, an understanding had between a man, woman, and their God, became a broken circle. As trust ended and was undone by a simple lie, the relationships and love that had been fostered in an eternal forever were lost. Sin, loss, labor, and pain was now introduced into a relationship that had enjoyed love. 

I too can relate. 

I may not live in a Garden, but the parallels can be made in our day and to my life and probably yours. How many broken relationships occur because of evil intent, one whisper, broken trust, and an intentional undoing of a beautiful connection? While the man and woman succumb to such a silly, momentary desire, a piece of fruit, there were far bigger implications at work here. 

There were eternal consequences they could not comprehend, but God knew; hence, the need for His grace and a plan for redemption....... and perceptive spiritual sight.

I find myself even more desperate to devote myself to the kind of grace offered from a divine source in heaven. Humanity so quickly embraces what is intriguing to our ears rather than searching out truth, opening and availing ourselves to understanding, and setting aside personal opinions to be more objective. 

I know the kind of person I want to be.........

"For all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according those His purpose......."                                                                                                   Romans 8