Happy from Heartache

I have been asked by inquisitive minds, who have wondered how I have endured such hardship, losses, and trials over the course of my life. From the issues of abandonment to accusations, losses of loves and ever evolving relationships, much is required from those who have been given much. It is a Biblical principle one cannot get away from.

Things were not always this way because I did not recognize the process as such....... we don't typically associate pain with anything good. 

Having vision to walk the path prepared and laid out for me has been a key element in my "prosperity." There are always choices, two to be exact; one that will lead to a path of destruction and the other which will take me towards an abundant life. I continue to choose to be grateful for the multiple "second chances" I have found, even after receiving dire news over my 40+ years on earth. 

In religious settings and messages I received in my younger years, I somehow believed that if I did everything "right", people would be happy with me. I would be "blessed" by God; I have since learned through experience and personal knowledge of my God, that this is not the case at all. It is nothing short of a fallacy, orchestrated the to heap condemnation to those called and submitted to the purposes and will of God in life. The obvious is not always the truth..........

"My heart submitted to His greater will is a powerful weapon forged against an invisible enemy." (my quote)

In the Book of Matthew, Chapter 5 known as the Sermon on the Mount, verse 8 speaks powerfully to my heart today. The word 'heart' is all encompassing: our emotions, will, mind, everything we feel and know. Our heart is the container for hurt, wholeness, and happiness. If our heart hurts or feels an ache, our being is not whole. We protect it fiercely, from pain.....

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." This verse can be paraphrased to say, "Happy are those who have been freed from corruption, are purified by fire, to be pruned and are more fruitful; clear and blameless, carrying no guilt and have a clean conscience. They shall see with the eyes and mind, by perception and a knowing, of who God is." To know I have this capacity or opportunity is incredibly inspiring........

To me, this requires a continued opening of my heart ..... to the work of restoration in order for me to see more, go further, and gain a greater knowledge of heavenly places. I have wanted and needed to protect my heart, for seasons and times, as a result of devastation and pain far beyond comprehension. However, with the heartaches can come a great abundance of vision for the future...... and true happiness. 

Join me on the journey.