Believing for Abundance

While living in L.A., where there is sunshine everyday, I began to realize I missed the seasonal changes that are noticeable on the East Coast. For most days, the climate did not change while residing in the west; the days were beautiful and warm. I never did tire of the sun....... but I longed for the seasons. Every day was the same. 

Even though there may be toil and labor, grit and stamina required with change, I found this to be my preference. I am speaking now on a spiritual level. King Solomon describes times of contrasts and contradictions in Ecclesiastes 3 of the Bible, one of my favorite passages.

Life is tough, bringing changes that can be unforeseen. Some changes are "predictable", others not so much. 

Seasons can vary in length, determined on your position or location, posture or attitude. Storms drive us to our knees or to seek "shelter", while the sun brings a more hopeful outlook. Forecasts are made, with good news or bad, and we so easily succumb to the thoughts and opinions of others, rather than asking a Heavenly Father what His thoughts are on a matter.

The Book of Daniel tells us that our God in heaven has the ability to change the times and seasons, to set "kings" up or take them down. This reveals to us that He has everything under his control and command, yet how often I am challenged to believe this truth when life spins out of control and all things are being twisted. We know this will increase as we approach the end of days...........

In the midst of these seasons, remaining true to my integrity, firm in my faith, and operating in honesty is important when being assaulted. These are times I endure and times I embrace. I choose whether or not to panic, pause, or allow the process to carry on and make the changes within me that are needed for growth. 

I choose to be changed in the hard times, but for the better. Whether I realize it at the time or not, the reason is often for pruning........ in order to produce more, in order to multiply. There is hard work involved which scares many off, but the rewards are many. 

Times of refreshing are coming...........Believing for abundance.