Love Set Free

Thanking God today for the option of resurrection...... in after witnessing "death" in multiple ways over my lifetime, I can confidently say new life is available to us at any given time. Fortunately, these chances do not depend on whether I am "good enough" or my behavior warrants the benefits of "grace", but simply because........... of a sacrificial love.

It is an option handed down from heaven above. All that is asked of me is my awareness, adaptability, and to realize in myself, my abilities are limited. However, with His empowerment, anything IS possible. Love should be empowering, not debilitating. 

My family and I reached a milestone on Monday, May 8, which marks a one year point for us from Mother's Day one year ago...... a time I never thought I would recover from. Some days, I am still unsure........ Only those closest to me know the details, or those who have chosen to ask; because of its delicate nature, I have chosen to be silent...........

To use the word "inconceivable" would not be too strong; and yet, the Lord helps me pick myself up daily and go on, as in times past. Even though relationships remain fluid, I know "rest" is available. In that rest is an energy that will get me to my promised land, in other words known as destiny, and so I continue to on my journey, believing there is a reason.......

I can confidently say I have learned more about "love" in the last few years than ever before; perhaps this being an outcome of losses suffered, or simply as part of my reflective process. It is more than one can ever comprehend. 

 As a mother, female, friend, widow, and woman, I choose to never give up, fight for futures, and the destinies contained. Eternity, hope, and a future has been placed in the hearts of men and women, containing opportunities and images far beyond comprehension. It is a matter of having a person(s) who can recognize the gifts........... 

For those who are familiar or becoming more acquainted with who I am, you will quickly note my optimism and perception of the grand future hope offers. This is one reason the enemy of our soul so subtly works to steal and strip away identities,  relationships with those we hold dear, and anything of meaning in our lives. It is to decimate and destroy ......... but God. 

In the course of the past year, this week leading into Mother's Day, I will be reflecting on the ever evolving face of my "family." I had written in the last few years of the changes we had and would undergo, and sure enough, I "saw" future moments. 

Love is crazy, cool, incomprehensible, and caring; I have learned to "set free" what and who I truly love to find a path to the destiny hidden from view...... but visible for one with an eye to see. I am proof of the benefits of God's grace, the glory of second chances, and the opportunity recovery affords. 

Love never fails.