Stella the Star

To panic or prepare; that is the question I ask, as the East Coast and elsewhere braces for the March snow storm, Stella (star). The predictions are forecast first, which suddenly move to warnings, and then potential crisis. Until something actually occurs, it is difficult to take the unknowns or what if's in life seriously because we are naturally skeptical.

Unless you have experienced the effects of such an unpredictable suddenly or storm in your life, you may be ill equipped to handle each. Even those who have been through some "stuff", often do not learn the lessons necessary and are destined to repeat the patterns when the next storm forms....... You need to know what is required to be ready via preparation.

Today the grocery and supply stores were bombarded with shoppers, "stocking up" for the potential snow. We all feel the effects of predictions and prognoses, via the media, voices we hear, medical info, and familiar phrases; no one is immune or exempt.  This is meant to cause a reaction. As in life, we try to be prepared; however, no one knows their personal response when personal crisis, cultural change, or current events dictate immediate responses. 

So knowing all of this, is it possible I ask, to "prepare" for the storms in life? The answer is yes........ but there are many components to the prep work if you do not want to be caught off guard or have a possible "panic attack." 

In these times throughout history, and through my own personal life, I find it fascinating to see human responses, whether secular or of a religious nature. How quickly we get stirred up, winds blow, hell is raised or the opposite, and we settle into a complacent rest when action is needed.  Each storm is different; uniquely named, elements arise, and common or uncommon characteristics are present. Knowing what the response needs to be is key: faith in action. 

Storms create necessary motion for the precipitation of change. 

As we may be "snowed in", my hope is that you think of the spiritual applications to be made. Winds will blow; the earth will be blanketed; the cold will be felt, as it is in life. We have weathered countless suddenlies and it is important to remind ourselves of how we made it through each storm.

I am more than ready for a "new season" in life, and even though we may feel it is delayed, new life is on the way. This covering is part of a great revealing........ an awakening.

Light over darkness always wins. Watch for the star......