Emptiness and Increase

Holidays can bring about a hollowness...... even if you may not feel it,  I think many can identify with my words. We see those sentiments regularly reflected on social media sites, reminding us to pause and reflect upon those whose hearts may be heavy over special holidays we have just celebrated........ we remember those who are missing...... nothing can fill the voids. 

Whether big ones or little moments in time that cause the reflection to occur, our souls can feel the hollowness and we wonder how one will ever be able to not feel the "emptiness" known to both men and women....... if you have walked through life for any period of time on this earth., you know what I mean. We are all human....... no matter your "heavenly" perspective. 

I too, can identify with this element I call "emptiness"....... it is particularly prevalent in those who have suffered a loss or multiple ones over the course of a lifetime. It is a matter of identifying its power, potential to ruin or redeem, and the purpose of it all....... 

Since entering into the year 2017, another new phase of grace in my life has opened up to me, and I can see. I can feel. I am allowing myself to feel the emptiness. I am facing that fear...... and embracing it. The woman at the well in John 4 of the Bible showed up at the well of Jacob, on the ground given to his son Joseph, doing her daily chore of drawing water.......

She was thirsty. She needed to be refreshed from her reality. She was coming on her behalf of others. To thirst means "a feeling of needing or wanting something to satisfy;  sensation of dryness, and a physical condition resulting from this need."  A divine moment in time afforded her the opportunity in this prophetic place to make the choice.... to change the course of life.

Desperation leads to determination.  

How empty are you.......... I am on a quest to find fulfillment; how about you?